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{swooning over all of her gorgeous illustrations from NYFW}

Happy Wednesday gals!

I’m switching things up a little bit for today’s post! I’m introducing a new weekly post/list called my “Weekly Edit” to chat about things I’m loving, deals I’ve scored, or things I think y’all would just love! An edit of things ranging from fashion, to fitness to beauty and food! I won’t have a set day to post, just whenever I have enough goodies or fun things to share for you ladies to check out!

Here’s a list of what I’m loving this week:

1. International traveling is always a pill. My 22 hours of flying, 2 delays, a missed flight and an airline change to get to Mumbai was made much comfier thanks to this breathable baby.

2. I applied my foundation for the first time with a brush this week, and I’m never turning back [um, yes I did just step into the 21st beauty century.] This brush applies like a dream and is definitely made out of angel hair. [detailed makeup post coming soon!]

3. Queso. It’s delicious. So therefore it’s fattening. This world is so cruel. This recipe is a lightened up version, just in time for bikini season and has an ingredient I never saw coming!

4. Love reading about psychopathic wives? Duh. I picked up The Girl On The Train by Paula Hawkins last week and finished it in 2 days. I devoured it like it was the last ‘Cronut’ to ever be made. I might have even loved it more than Gone Girl. To the point where I made Armaan listen to me give him a play-by-play of the whole book. Which he loved and enjoyed eeeeeeevery second of. Seriously. Get. This. Book.

5. One of my favorite brands, Wildfox, has come out with the most darling Spring collection. Just by looking at their pieces I smell Pina Coladas and sunscreen. I’m swooning over this cheeky sweatshirt.

 Thanks for stopping by! XO

 Here are some pretty pieces I’m loving this week:


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    1. blondeexpeditions Post author

      Pam you are too sweet! I love the NARS foundation, especially for the colder seasons. Sigma brushes are my favorite, they apply makeup perfectly. Thank you so much lovie!

  1. MushroomStew

    Absolutely green with jealousy that you flew to Mumbai!!! I lived in India in 2007 and miss the people and craziness so much!! Not to mention the fantastic food.

    Sed Bona


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