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1. My skin has gone for a loop these past few weeks. From below freezing temps on the East Coast, to warm and humid Florida and now to hot and dry India, I’ve been a bit negligent at taking care of it, and it’s catching up. Right now my skin is on the dryer side [think Sahara desert dry], so I’ve been using this cream to try and correct that, and I’m loving the results so far. For all my East Coast gals whose lips are suffering in this frigid cold blast, try this lip saver. It might cost you your first born child, but it lasts forever and it’s the only one that I see actual results from!

2. Finally, an article on packing that doesn’t tell you things you already know! I wish I knew about theĀ “build around your hat” process before I crumpled this poor thing. It’s a must read for your winter escape!

3. There’s nothing I love more on the weekends than getting take out, watching netflix and drinking some vino. But sometimes there are downsides to take out – it’s too oily, or you’re trying to eat a little bit healthier, or you over do it. So to avoid these, I turn to my crockpot! This Quinoa Chicken Chili recipe takes about 15 minutes to throw together [not including keeping it in the crockpot for a few hours] is super healthy and delicious! Just make sure to top it with some avocados!

4. I’m clumsy. Like clumsy to the point where I need to make myself aware of my surroundings at all times so I don’t injure myself or others #embarrassingbuttrue. With that being said, I also drop my phone a lot. A lot. Sonix makes the best cases and sturdiest cases I’ve found [because let’s face it – Otterboxes are the Uggs of iPhone cases], and I’m swooning over this cute spring one!

5. Booties aren’t just for the cooler months! I’m adding these Free People ones to my cart for spring and summer. The strappy leather shaft is perfect for warm to hot temps and spices up the usual shorts & tee game!

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