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1. With Spring just peeking her pretty little head out and warmer temps slowly starting to come around, I’ve been obsessed with tie strap off the shoulder dresses & tops! I love that they don’t bunch down like tube tops [a bra malfunction waiting to happen] and look fantastic whether you’re wearing your hair up or down. I love this dressier one for a night out and this little frock for Sunday brunch!

2. Speaking of warmer weather, I’m switching up my winter scent to a lighter, fresher one! [This one is my favorite for cooler months!] I just picked up this one and am loving the light orange blossom scent. PS – I’m also trying out a bunch of their hair products and loving them! The shine spray is my favorite so far, and could be a perfume by itself [think coconuts and fresh flower scent]!3. Makeup never goes on sale. It’s just one of those frustrating truths that we all have to accept and begrudgingly hand over our credit cards and pay full price for everything – seriously, anyone else walk away from a makeup counter $200 down in just lipsticks and blush? EXCEPT when Sephora has it’s 15% off VIB Sale which starts TODAY!

Code is ‘VIBLOVE’

I’ll be stocking up on my favorite hair products [here], self tanner [here], mascara [here], GlamGlow, and foundation [here]. Shop the sale here!

4. Being back in the states I’ve started heading to my Pinterest to whip up some new spring-y recipes. I’m loving all things with Mexican flavors and fresh veggies lately [thinking about bikini season!], like this Mexican Grilled Chicken Salad or this Strawberry Mango Salsa.

5. With Summer on the horizon and vacations coming up [I’m heading to Napa in June!], I’ve been going on a bit of a spree with cute workout clothes/impulse buys. Getting me in the clothes is no problem, always getting me motivated to go to the gym is another story. I’m thinking this adorable yoga mat will totally motivate me to workout more. Or maybe I’ll just sit on it and look at it. Either way…

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