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1. The 70’s trend is out in full force this season, and while I’m still a little hesitant over it (I don’t want to look like I’ve walked out of Austin Powers) I’m loving the flared denim! I’m still in India, but I’ve ordered this pair and can’t wait till I’m back in cooler temps to sport them for fall (whiiiiich will hopefully start Monday when I’m back in the states #wishfulthinking)!
2.  PSL’s are coming back soon, like soon as in September 4th. Which officially marks the end of summer, just like how the red Starbucks cups officially mark the beginning of the holiday season. Totally unashamed that my seasons are dictated by coffee chains seasonal flavors and cup colors.
While it isn’t the first thing I go to order at Starbucks, I’m pretty excited to hear that gross caramel ‘coloring’ (vaguest ingredient ever) is being taken out and replaced with actual pumpkin puree!
3. I have found the epitome of the perfect v-neck. Soft, not baggy and seriously flattering.  I’ve been wearing this tee nonstop lately, and it’s under $50! I’ve gone through so many ‘cheapy’ tees, that I don’t mind investing in a few good ones for every season. Also, they are perfect for layering in cooler months, and don’t bunch up under tight sweaters!
4. Anyone else an oatmeal lover? A few years ago I got back into it with the packaged Quakers stuff because I was looking for something that kept me fuller, longer, through class and work. I just discovered that their is more than just packaged oatmeal and having been on a pinning frenzy. This one has banana, cinnamon and vanilla in it and sounds like the perfect fall breakfast! Plus, it has chia seeds in it so it’s basically like drinking a green juice…or something like that.
5. Back to school is right around the corner! This time of year always makes me miss college and getting all my supplies and bag together for the school year! Since I’m everrrr so slightly Type-A, I’m a huge planner + list maker. This planner is one of my favorites to keep me organized, not to mention it’s gorgeous. I’d also be rocking this adorable braider & tasseled faux leather backpack to carry all my books (but mostly snacks).
Thanks so much for reading y’all!
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  1. Shae Roderick

    I feel exactly the same way about the 70s trend, but a good pair of wide legged jeans seem to always be in style. I'm searching for some too! Hope yours work out!

    Shae @ Current Habits

    1. blondeexpeditions Post author

      Yes! I'm in complete agreement! The 70's prints are a bit much, but I'm totally on board with the flared denim!


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