Easy Halloween Outfit Ideas

Halloween Outfit Ideas

‘i’m a cat’ sweatshirt | ‘teen witch’ sweater | ‘good witch’ thermal | ‘witch please’ dress‘costume’ tee | sneakers | keychainvampire dress

If you’re like me you still don’t have your Halloween costume #lastminutegirlforlife. It could be just me, but getting a fully pimped out costume that you’ll just be wearing for a few hours or to a few parties is just less and less appealing every year. Thankfully, it looks like brands are getting that idea too and this season there are a TON of cute pieces from dresses to sweatshirts that are festive, affordable and something that I’ll wear more than just once! You can take these pretty + easy pieces from handing out candy, to a last minute party, or just to watch Friday the 13th on your couch with a bottle of wine [and a bottle because it’s a holiday & it’s Saturday, obvs].

What are your Halloween plans?! Costume or not feeling it this year?

Thanks so much for reading! XO!


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  1. Becca P

    UM THANK YOU!!! I am soooo glad you posted this today! I’ve been so annoyed with costumes and the whole idea of looking for one, this is perfect. I need that Good Witch top!

    1. blondeexpeditions Post author

      Of course girlfriend! I felt the SAME way this year. Everything just seemed overdone and borderline tacky. I picked up the Good Witch top a few weeks ago and it’s SO soft. I might have to wear it year round….Ha!


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