Weekly Edit: New Year 2016

Pretty Living Co. Mug

mug: Pretty Living Co. // tree: King of Christmas [my favorite tree ever!] on sale for 70% off!

1 . Does anyone else almost shed a tear when taking down the Christmas tree? This year was my first year with a fake tree and now I’m never looking back! Plus, it saves that depressing moment when you walk down the block and see the line of trees on the side of the road. It always makes me feel like Phoebe in the episode of Friends where she boycotts Christmas trees, haha! This King of Christmas flocked tree made life so much easier [and kept my house so much neater]. I had no idea what to expect, but I definitely wasn’t expecting it to be so simple to put together! However, I made the mistake of getting an unlit tree [embarrased monkey emoji], it only took about 15 minutes longer, but I would definitely invest in a prelit tree next year to make things even easier. King of Christmas is having a huge after Christmas clearance sale where you can snag these for 70% off! My mom just ordered hers and I’m thinking of getting a mini one for our bedroom next year!

2 . One of the ways I’m starting off the new year right, is by taking my skincare up a notch! I’ve always known that investing in my skin is important but it’s sometimes easy to skimp and get the most convenient thing. My biggest suggestion is to research! Before I try any product I read a ton of reviews it to make sure it would suit my skin. Recently, I’ve been loving this probiotic moisturizer that is perfect for the winter months when you need a little more hydration! I was hesitant at first when I heard the word probiotics & face, but I can’t get enough of this Tula line! The Illuminating Face Serum is also a favorite of my AM skincare routine, I just ordered the full size of it!

3 . I’m a bit of an organization freak. I get ridiculously excited when I break in a new planner and start jotting dates down! I use this XO Planner for all my daily/personal life [it even has an area to mark down your daily water intake!] but I love the luxe look of this Graphic Image one!

4 . New year and new gym means new workout wear, right? That’s rhetorical. After the holidays, and basically inhaling everything in my eyesight with no gym visits, I’m getting back on my fitness game! I’m loving these leggings that’ll take you from SoulCycle to dinner in a pinch!

5 . Armaan and I are trying to eat healthier [fiery cheetos are my weakness], but this Mac & Cheese with Goat Cheese, Roasted Chicken + Rosemary is speaking my love language. We’re whipping it up this weekend but after reading the reviews we’ll be amping up the salt, pepper & garlic!

Thanks so much for reading! My Maui recap will be hitting the blog Friday! XO!

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  1. Danielle P

    Does Tula work on sensitive skin/ acne prone skin? I saw it in a magazine and want to try it! And thanks for the heads up on the xmas tree!!

  2. Beth

    I’m glad you’re doing weekly edits again! I love checking them at while I’m at work (??)! I’d love to see more of your lifestyle for the new year , do u plan on doing any posts on that?


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