Blush Sweater

Ivan Trump Soho Bag

Cashmere Cardigan

Blush Pink Sweater

EMU Booties

Loft Sweater

Easy Friday Outfit

cardigan, sold out c/o similar here & loving this! | blush sweater| denim | EMU booties c/o | Ivanka Trump tote c/o

TGIF to the max y’all!

It’s been a week. You know those never-ending days where everything is going wrong, and THEN when you finally get home, you spill coffee over yourself or break a plate [just to add to your frustration level..]? #andthenyoucry. Well, that’s been for me this week. Bless Armaan for putting up with this hot mess express. But it’s over! The next three days you can find me on the couch in sweats, wrapped in 5 blankets with a bag of fiery hot cheetos and a bottle of red next to me.

Enough of my sob story. On to the outfit! This is just the epitome of a weekend look for me. Ripped denim, a simple sweater and booties! And let’s just talk about these amazing bi-colored booties for a hot second. Everytime I’ve worn these pretties out, I must get asked at least three times who they are by! Booties have gotten a little monotonous, with neutrals being over done. I mean, who hasn’t seen a a million black ankle boots? I love that these spice that up! They are so eye catching and go with just about everything! I’ll definitely be wearing these babies into spring with shorts or a flowy dress!

Thanks so much for reading loves! Have a fabulous weekend! XO!


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  1. Shantell Robertson

    Hey Girl! I love your blog pics!!! Ivan’s Trump has a ton a in style professional pieces that I want it all!!! Who takes your blog pictures? I’m in the process of branding my blog and wanted to either get a better camera, photoshop or hire a photographer. My husband currently takes my pics and it’s like pulling teeth.

    1. blondeexpeditions Post author

      Hi pretty! I totally agree! Her new spring arrivals are too cute!

      For my blog photos it depends! Half of them are with my photographer and the other half my fiance takes! When it’s a super busy week or I have a bunch of pieces I want to shoot, I like to get a photographer so it cuts back on time. But if it’s just one look or really great weather (and I catch Armaan on a good day, haha) he’ll shoot for me! We did invest in a really nice DSLR though, which I totally recommend! I use Lightroom! Which is 100x easier to use compared to photoshop & less expensive!

      Hope that helps girly! xx

  2. Mikayla

    Sorry about your week! Had one of those a few weeks ago and the weekend couldn’t come soon enough lol. Totally loving those booties!!! I can’t believe they are EMU!

    1. blondeexpeditions Post author

      Thanks so much girl! I love that they are different than a regular solid ankle bootie!


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