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Yellow OTS Dress

dress: Chicwish (fit: TTS)

1. Dainty layering jewels have been on my mind lately, and this site has some of my favorites (that are SUPER affordable)! I’ve been going through a huge jewelry purge the last few months, and replacing my chunkier jewels with more delicate pieces. I’m loving this necklace layered with this lariat! Swoon.

2. Along with a huge jewelry clean out, I’ve been doing a purse clean out as well! I mean, why in the WORLD do I still have Juicy Couture tote? So much no. But with the space in my closet I definitely have room for new pieces. And this Chloe cross body has my name written all over it!

3. A few weeks back I mentioned how I’m trying to include sweet potatoes in my diet more. Well after that week I tried sweet potato fries for the first time. Firstly, they are beyond delicious. Secondly, why are they so under appreciated?! Anyways, because having a fried health food 4 times a week isn’t the best option, I’m making these Sweet Potato Quinoa Cakes tomorrow! I’m going to sub the blackberry salsa for some fresh avocado instead. I’ll report back and let you know how it goes!

4. Armaan and I are headed to Disney at the end of this week! I’m ecstatic, even though I accidentally ruined his surprise (the trip) this weekend by opening a package I thought was mine #oops. I’ve been picking up some easy, throw on and go tops (in colors other than my go-to white). I love this cross front one! It’s under $40 and comes in 4 great colors. This strappy stripe tank is another great option!

5. With July 4th quickly approaching, I’ve been searching Pinterest for fun summer cocktails! This Sparkling Grapefruit Watermelon Sangria sounds delicious and is a perfect way to get rid of some extra watermelon!

also, if you have a minute!

Many of you know my good friend Bethany, from Kiss Me Darling Blog. Right now she’s going through a tough time on account of her nephew, Emmett, being incredibly ill. He’s been in and out of the hospital since March and has has multiple surgeries, 4 of them in this month alone. As you can imagine this has taken a huge toll on her family and Emmett’s dad has had to take off a big chunk of time from work to be by his side. Their family has set up a site where you can donate to help with hospital costs here. Any donation, big or small will help out this sweet little family! And if you can’t donate right now, definitely send some healing vibes and prayers their way! Read more about Emmett here.

Thanks so much for reading!

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      Oh my goodness – thank you! I’m making it this weekend and know it will be a huge hit!! XO!


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