Weekly Edit & Preparing For The NSale

Weekly Edit & Preparing for the NSale

1. I love rainy weekends during the summer! Something about sitting on the patio (under an umbrella of course) with a book while it rains is so relaxing. Maybe even indulge in a glass of rosé..or two. #itsfine #summerwater. This weekend I started this book and am loving it so far! Thriller/mysteries are my favorite! I’ll be doing a summer binge & book series coming later this week. I can’t wait to share all my favorites and hear yours!

2. My mom and I are planning a girls trip to Napa later next month! We want to get a lay of the land, see our venue and of course – drink wine. I’ve gotten so many great destination wedding recs and tips from everyone – so keep them coming! Last year when we were in Wine Country I remember how chilly the nights were. I’m packing this henley that’s under $35. It’s SO comfy and soft, I’m thinking about picking up the other colors too!

3. Is anyone else’s phone constantly at getting the 20% battery warning? I can never keep my battery charged long enough, so I ordered this adorable pineapple portable charger. The brand is my favorite one for phones cases, so I’m sure I’ll love it!

4. If you haven’t tried the Yasso Greek Yogurt Popsicles you aren’t living. I discovered these babies a few weeks ago and have gotten everyone in my family obsessed with them. They are just a 100 calories and have 5 grams of protein in each pop. Just yes. Just so much yes. My favorite flavor is the cookies and cream, but the coffee chocolate chip is delish as well!

5. I’ve gotten a few emails about the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale so I thought I’d just sum everything up below:


The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale is by far the biggest sale that Nordstrom has all year. It’s your chance to purchase the newest items for the Fall/Winter season at ridiculously discount prices. This sale is different than any other because it works “backwards”, the new items come into Nordstrom on sale and then go back up to full price.

It’s a great chance to stock up essentials for the season, especially items that you know you’ll use like coats or boots, and also great designer goodies/investment pieces!


July 14th OR July 21st 

The sale has two different start dates. If you are a Nordstrom Card Holder (either debit or credit) you get early access to the sale on July 14th. Last year I decided to become a card holder for this reason specifically! This way you have a chance to shop the popular items that sell out fast. If you don’t happen to have a card with Nordstrom, it goes live to the public on July 21st (still a lot of great deals then too! just not as many as on the 14th.) You can see some of the items that you can score on sale here.

– the sale ends August 7th –


Like I said, last summer while I was in India I decided to apply for the Nordstrom debit card a few days before the sale! I opted for the debit card because I like to set aside a budget and know exactly what I want to/can spend. I applied and was approved the same day! What I loved is that even though I didn’t have the physical card (and was in India) I could still shop the sale without a card. You can sign up here and choose if you want to do debit or credit!


The hottest items of the season from clothing, accessories, shoes and beauty. Brands like Baublebar, Bobbi Brown, Stuart Weitzman, Kate Spade, Joie, Chloe, TopShop, Tory Burch, Hunter, Laura Mercier, Michael Kors, Rebecca Minkoff, PAIGE, Kendra Scott, Lush, Rag & Bone, Current/Elliot, Frye, Madewell and Sam Edelman just to name a few!


Shop it early. While the entire NSale is great, the Early Access is the best. You have first dibs on all the newest items right as they are released and are most likely to get everything your looking for. From over the knee boots, luxe sweaters, designer jeans or investment purses, this is the time I stock up for the whole season. It might sound silly just opening a card for one sale, but y’all. It’s so, so worth it!

Set a budget. For this particular sale I make sure to save a little bit each month over the summer before it begins. I know if I don’t I’ll be kicking myself come fall when the Tory Burch boots that I could have scored for 30% off are now back to being full price. If you know you want to use this sale to get some pricier jeans account for that, but then maybe skip a luxe sweater. Either way, if you get something from the sale and don’t totally love it, Nordstrom’s return policy makes it super easy!

Make a list & check it twice. I know. It sounds ridiculous to be talking about any cold weather holiday in July, but I get done some serious Christmas/birthday/wedding shopping at this sale. Personally? I like it better than Black Friday! While you’re shopping the sale I recommend just putting anything you *think* you might want in your cart. Once you’re done searching you can always reevaluate everything you have or edit what you don’t need before you check out. You could always find that pair of flats you wanted on page 14, but realize you don’t love the boots you added from page 1. I always add to my list:

a) Beauty products I use daily

b) Staples for Armaan (shoes, belts, earphones, pants…)

c) Fall season essentials: think vests, boots, utility jackets, denim, splurge handbag

Narrow your search by designer or price. This sale is overwhelming. There is no way around it. A lot of amazing pieces all coming in at the same time, and by the time you get through all 200 pages of it you could have missed an item you really wanted to grab! I love using the filter tool to find see what my favorite brands are offering on sale, or to search the items I mentioned in my lists. You can search by brand, price, item type, color or size, to make finding what you want quick and painless.

Pick investment pieces. This is the part of the sale that always pulls me in! Brands like Chole and Tory Burch usually have some pieces available from the new season. If you’re not really looking to stock up for the fall, definitely peek at some of these items. My mom snagged an awesome pair of Kate Spade heels & Chloe tote last year that I’m kicking myself for not picking up! She still uses those pieces daily

*ADDED BONUS*- Nordstrom offers free shipping + returns, not to mention an outstanding customer service. I’ve never felt uneasy shopping there, and everyone I’ve ever called or contacted have been more than willing to help with any questions/concerns.


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  1. Taylor

    Thank you for reminding me about this sale!!! those tips are great. Can’t wait to see what you order! Please post your picks

  2. Dani

    My phone is always about to die also! Ha. I think it’s from being on social media all the time! Glad to know this is a problem for others too! :). Great post by the way!! xo



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