End of Summer Picnic

Marks and Spencer Picnic Basket

Entertaining at the end of summer is one of my favorites. Something about soaking up the last days before the leaves start to turn puts everyone at ease. The days are long, the weather is just starting to cool off, and you just want to spend time outside! I threw a little end of summer picnic a few weekends ago with my girl Sophie, and we’ve come to the conclusion that picnics are seriously underrated!

I’m not sure why it’s taken me so long, but I just discovered the beauty of picnicking! They are easy, not fussy and basically a party without all the work. A great way to enjoy warmer temps with your friends and switch things up from your usual hangs. They might seem like a lot of work, but if you’ve got the proper pieces, they are the easiest thing to throw together! Setting everything up takes 30 minutes at most and even less time to clean up. I’m all about enjoying your event, rather than having to spend half of your time cleaning up from it!

First thing is starting with a good picnic basket. I love this one from Marks & Spencer because it has just about everything you need (and is affordable!). From plates, cutlery, napkins, glasses, a corkscrew and salt + pepper shakers – this basket covers everything! See below to check what I brought in mine!

What to pack in your picnic basket:

1. Cheeses (my favorite part!) Bring a variety. Go for aged (like gouda or cheddar), soft (like brie or goat) and firm (like parmesan).

2. Wine. Who doesn’t look cracking open a cold white wine on a warm summer evening? I brought along a white wine blend from Seven Daughters, along with their newly released moscato cans! How cute are these little babies? Perfect for picnics, beach days or BYOBs! Make sure you have a wine opener if it’s not a screw off! (P.S. you could also bring beer if you prefer!)

3. Crackers and a baguette. If you’re opting for a baguette make sure to pre-slice the bread or bring a sharp knife.

4. Fruit. Go for ones you don’t have to cut and won’t go bad once they are sliced. Try grapes, strawberries, cherries, blackberries, raspberries or blueberries!

5. Dried fruits and nuts. I chose to bring along dried apricots and almonds but would have also loved dried figs and cranberries.

6. Olives. Another favorite. We love the ‘lemon garlic’ ones from Whole Foods!

7. Meats. Think easy finger foods. Prosciutto, salami or chorizo.

8. Veggies. Pre-cut carrots, celery, or peppers!

9. Jams. Or compotes! Love Trader Joes selection.

10. Water. Obviously, but it’s one of those things you have to jot down, or you’re bound to forget. I’m a sparkling water addict and just love how pretty San Pellegrino looks on a spread!

11. Sweets to end with. Chocolate covered pretzels are my go-to!

Other things to remember: picnic blanket (any thicker blanket will do! This one was perfect and such a great price point), cheese boards to set up on, pillows, cheese knives, cooler inserts, napkins, bug repellent and garbage bags.

Throw it all (aka pack it neatly) in your basket, and you’re ready to head out! Whether it be in a park, beach, rooftop, winery or you own patio – have fun!

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picnic basket: Marks & Spencer (more picnic pieces here!)| blanket: Target $19! (proper picnic blanket here ) | hat: Hat Attack c/o | purse: Lusiaviaroma | denim: Nordstrom | top: Marks & Spencer on sale for $20! | bracelets: Julie Vos | sunglasses: Nordstrom | booties: Marks & Spencer (size up – SO comfortable!) // wine + canned moscato: Seven Daughters Wine

Photography: Sophie Kawalek

When was the last time you took a picnic? Are you yay or nay about it? I’m all yay and already planning our next one!

 Thanks so much for reading loves! XO!

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  1. Morgan Diane

    I completely forgot about picnics, but I agree! They are so easy to throw and adorable. Definitely planning one for fall but DO share where I can pick up those wine cans! I die .

    1. blondeexpeditions Post author

      If you head to sevendaughters.com you can find all the places where they are carried! Isn’t it funny how quickly we forget about picnics?! I’m obsessed now!

  2. Courtney

    Where do they sell this wine?! It’s sooooo stinking cute!!!! Please do more entertaining posts – I loved this!! Next warm weekend I’m planning a picnic! ?????

    1. blondeexpeditions Post author

      You can find all the locations on sevendaughters.com! 🙂 Picnics are my new BBQs without the work! And if you find a public park with grills? Even better!

  3. Emily N/a

    I spent ALL weekend on Marks and Spencer’s site! I might have places 2 orders as well….lol oops. I’m an Anglophile so whenever I go to Britain I do ALL of my shopping. It’s so great that M&S opened their site to worldwide shipping (well great for my closet…TERRIBLE for my wallet lol)

    1. blondeexpeditions Post author

      Isn’t it the best?! I love Marks and Spencer and whenever I’m in the UK I always make sure to pop in. I mean, I could spend FOREVER in the grocery section. Let me know what pieces you got – I want to make another order! XO!

  4. alison darnell

    I just requested that my local wine store order these cans and wine! I had LOVED all your vino recs, so I know I will love this one.

    Before your wedding of you plan on doing a travel guide for Napa? My husband and I would love to do our 2 year anniversary there some recs would be much appreciated.



    1. blondeexpeditions Post author

      Oh wow! Fingers crossed they begin carrying it. You can also find out where the cans are if you go to SevenDaughters.com!

      I do plan on doing a few Napa posts. I’m headed there this weekend actually, so definitely keep your eye out for them! 🙂 XO!

    1. blondeexpeditions Post author

      It’s the Sally Hansen gel nail polish (I got mine at Target!) in “headed nude-where”! 🙂 Thanks so much!!! XO!


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