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Happy 2017 friends! Hope everyone had the most amazing holiday and New Year. I’m so sorry about being MIA lately – it’s just been one heck of a month! From a crazy December in general, to holidays, to blog problems that just couldn’t get solved (still working on it!), to my mom having a major surgery (she’s fine now after 2 months of not knowing – thank goodness!), me helping out with her recovery, and then getting sick myself because I’m so run down – it’s been hard to catch a break! BUT, I’ve been taking some time to recharge my batteries and even though I’ve been around on Instagram, I’m so excited to get back to blogging this month! Kicking things off with a severely delayed Weekly Edit. I love doing these and always receive such great feedback from you guys, so expect to see a lot of these in the New Year!

1. It’s New Year and I’m getting back in shape (me and everyone else who has this resolution – haha)! With all the craziness of last few months my healthy eating and workout routine have been nonexistent. Trying to get rid of these chicken arms for the wedding y’all! Yesterday was my first day back at the gym. I’m rewarding myself with some cute workout gear! I’ve rounded up some of the CUTEST pieces below!

2. Speaking of the wedding – I can’t believe it’s almost here! I have to be honest…I’ve been SO behind on planning. Since it’s a destination wedding it’s going to be super small and intimate, so I’ve been telling myself I can wait… Which is such a bad idea. I can’t wait to share more with you guys in the coming months now that I’m really starting. I have some really fun wedding posts planned including more wedding dress shopping, registry and my all around planning!

3. Also on the same line of wedding talk, I’m headed to India in a few weeks! I’m so excited to spend time with Armaan’s family after not seeing them for almost a year (I’ve been to India 5 times!). I can’t wait to take you guys along on SnapChat and Instastories! I’m so thankful for his family and friends over there – it truly feels like a second home. ALSO I’m going to be wearing a sari for the first time so that should be good fun – I’ll be sure to share, haha!

4. Since I’m going to be traveling to warmer destinations over the next month, I’ve started picking up some spring pieces! I ordered this dress & these sandals for date night in India, but they will work for transitioning seasons wherever you are as well!

5. I’ve mentioned before how much I love skincare, but I’m SO excited because one of my all time favorite skincare brands has just released a brand new serum TODAY! I had the chance to test it out for a few days, and while it’s to early to say if I notice any difference, I absolutely LOVE the serum dispenser! It’s so easy to use, gentle on the eyes and you don’t have to open a jar (germs) or squeeze it on to your fingers! Which means you aren’t tugging on that sensitive eye area that can cause wrinkles AND you use way less product!

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  1. Darlene

    So glad your mom is doing better! I was missing some of your posts! Hope everything is doing better now and you’re feeling better. Looking forward to your new posts this year.


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