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Hope everyone is having a great week so far! We’re currently in the midst of a crazy late winter snowstorm, which is hopefully our last of the season. I mentioned in my last post that we are headed to India next week! We’re so excited, and I’m already getting a head start on packing. When packing for international travel, especially for a super long flight, it’s important to make sure your carry-on is organized with everything you might need! Since I’ve been to India a few times, I thought it would be fun to share what I’m brining in my carry-on and my travel essentials.

First things first, I always make sure my carry-on that I use as a purse is a large tote. MZ Wallace makes some of my favorite travel essentials, and what I love about them is that they are super lightweight and have a ton of different compartments. They can even be rolled up and packed away if you don’t need them. I also make sure that my carry-on roll on luggage is a small hardtop that also has an option of charging my phone! They are bit pricy, but definitely look to invest in one of these to travel with. They usually hold enough power to charge your phone twice, which is great when you’re traveling overseas, and there are no power outlets.

For my plane outfit, I like to keep things super comfortable, with a ton of layers, so I usually opt for workout wear. Leggings, sports bra and a sweater with a cardigan over it is perfect – especially for sleeping on the plane. I also always wear sneakers and bring an extra pair of socks! I never wear makeup on the plane and always make sure to bring some of my favorite skincare products to apply halfway through since my skin gets so dry during the flight. I make sure to cleanse my face with a wipe, spray some toner, and then apply a few different moisturizing serums and lotions. I also make sure to drink a ton of water, which helps with my skin and avoids dehydration in the air! Speaking of wipes, I also am that crazy traveler who disinfects her whole seat, screen and armrests with antibacterial wipes. Haha! I usually always have whoever I’m sitting next to ask for one as well.

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